Frequently Asked question (F.a.q.)




» How do i request a preventive?
Estimates and initial consultation are free. is available toll-free number 800.201020 or email customer service (with guaranteed answer within 48 hours) from the form in the contact section.
» How to request a service?
The services can be requested by fax or email, by filling out the form. For information services is sufficient to require the price to our sales department, for investigations investigative to be produced in court (unfair competition, determining alimony, etc ...) will set up an investigation mandate ad hoc. In both cases, the available our toll free number for a free preliminary advice.
» When and how to pay for your services?
Upon completion of any investigation will be sent a notice with the indicated amount for yours services performed, to be paid to the mode selected by you (credit card, bank transfer, etc..). Relations with the outcomes will be delivered when payment is made in the manner requested by you.
For the investigative inspections may be required to pay of a fund costs in advance.
» Do you have a standard price list?
The price list is available upon request to our sales department.
» The survey of an investigation can be used as evidence in an Italian court?
Yes, all the evidence collected through investigative surveys, can be used as evidence in court. We may also request the testimony of the detectives who handled the investigation directly.
» How can i check the status of my practice?
By calling the toll free 800.201020 and communicating the details of the designation, you can have in real time all the information related to the state of practice and time for evasion.
» The results of the informative investigations ara warranted?
The information surveys collect information acquired through a series of inspections and information that can provide clues and indications that, in most cases allow us to obtain positive results.
» What role have your quality office?
The ISO 9001:2008 certification for quality has allowed us to formalize the procedures of control and structural in order to perform a triple control over every practice evaded, both information that investigative.
» How am i protected if the service in incomplete or ineffective?
If the service we provide is deemed incomplete or ineffective, we will be reviewing by the office quality the result of investigations carried out. In the event that is actually observed by us the wrong interpretation of some data and information collected, we will proceed to the immediate deepening of the investigation. Of course in this case nothing will be charged to the customer.
» Does conduct an investigation against an employee or the spouse illegal?
Our company is licensed by prefectural license pursuant to art. 134 of T.U.L.P.S. Also is not violated in any way "privacy" as its own the Code for the Protection of Personal Data (Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, 196) provides for the management and processing of personal data without consent if "it is necessary to for the conduct of defensive investigations or otherwise to enforce or defend a legal claim.