Partnership & Covenant

Below the associations and organizations with which we work actively to develop the best tools of investigation.

Logo AIDP AIDP. (Italian Association for Personnel Management) brings together all those who work in our country in a managerial responsibility and consulting companies in the area of staff and public and private institutions as well as those that deal with the problems of the relationship "Person and work "as scientists, researchers and academics. Formed in 1960, aims to enhance the professionalism of its members and to be active component in the process of developing human resources in organizations working in the broader framework of social development of the country, in order to promote the centrality of the Person and human dignity within the enterprise and society.

ACER. For over sixty years, ACER associates small, medium and large construction companies in Rome and Lazio. The Acer is among the most representative local structures of the ANC (National Association of Builders), member of Confindustria, and is a member of the regional-ANCE LAZIO URCEL. Through about 3000 companies registered, ACER is a business reality deeply rooted historically and economically important for the Province of Rome. ACER associated the activities for the protection and growth of the entrepreneurial class and highly active role for the purposeful definition, together with the Public Administrations and other productive forces and social policies for the sustainable development of cities and territory.