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Since 1963 Axerta works on a daily basis on investigation activities in Milan and in Lombardy.

Our consultants help Milan lawyers, companies and private individuals obtain lawful, incontrovertible and uncontestable pieces of evidence.

Investigations are managed by senior investigators (with more than 15 years of experience) and all the information found can also be used in legal proceedings. Judgments of the Court of Cassation have largely legitimized Axerta's activities both for personal use and for the gathering of evidence to be used in legal proceedings.

Private Investigations »
determination of maintenance, marital misconduct, controversial legacy ...
Corporate investigations »
termination for cause, unfair competition, custody and control of minor, technical advice ...

Axerta provides the details of a contact person constantly dedicated to the case, in order to permit real-time updates about the progress of the investigation. The investigation activities will then be reported in detail in Axerta's dossier, written under the supervision of an experienced lawyer, that will include photos and videos.

Often times, Milan Judges call the agent that actually performed the service to give witness in Court. In this such case, you need to simply call the person in charge of your case who will arrange everything in order to make the agent available for the Court hearing.

The team of investigators is always recruited and trained by Axerta's best  agents. Complex cases in Milan and Lombardy are supported by technological and electronic devices. Axerta selects and uses only professional equipment with tried reliability.

The main investigative services in Milan include:
•  conjugal unfaithfulness
•  Child custody and parental control
•  Lawful dismissal for misconduct and absenteeism
•  Environmental and telephonic clearance
•  Protection of trademarks and patents

Our investigation agency guarantees the best advice to achieve the final objectives of the client with the best cost / benefit relationship, width of services, timely and exhaustive performance, while protecting the confidential requirements of the client.

If you need direct with us in order to request information or fix an appointment you can call our Milan office, or fill-out the information request form for investigations in Milan.

Axerta experience in collecting confidential information both nationally and internationally, thanks to its network of trusted associates, unique by extension, have allowed the development of investigations able to respond quickly to a wide-ranging set of problems and requests coming from private individuals and companies.

Axerta's history has always been linked to the world of high-quality investigations, working alongside leading law firms, both in defense criminal investigations and on investigations aimed at finding evidence to reach a settlment in or out of Court.

Finally, we have found that in Italy there are over 3,000 operative investigation agencies (source: Observatory on the Investigation Axerta), Axerta is the only company certified for quality with offices in Italy's main cities.

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